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The North West Auckland Fire & Emergency Services provide rescue, education, and support in one of New Zealand’s busiest recreational areas.  With terrain including Woodhill's large forest areas, Muriwai’s treacherous beaches and local rural & urban communities, our FENZ emergency services crews respond to a wide range of events, serving hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors each year.

As we’ll as emergencies, we also work with communities to reduce the incidence and impact of fires, road crashes, and beach related injuries through educational programmes and training.  

On any given day, we may provide medical first response to a motorcyclist at the bike park, fight through the dunes to reach a motor vehicle accident on the beach, put out a house fire, attend a farm rescue, and install smoke alarms and deliver fire prevention in a home. 

Please note a 20% contribution from all funds will be put towards the operational costs of the event in support of each charity.

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